Oflag 64 Reunion

Fort Worth, Texas

October 6-9, 1994

These photos have been scanned from printed photos.  Most originals were labeled, but some were not.  If you are able to identify yourself, family members, any others who attended this reunion, or if you have photos to add, please email us.

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Fort Worth Skyline
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Helen and Roy Chappell, Reunion Hosts
“Brad” Bradford, Helen Chappell
Tom Lawson - Hospitality Room
Curtis Jones, Garvin Fitton - Hospitality Room
Tony Cipriani (center) - Hospitality Room
Herb Garris, “Brad” Bradford, Joe Seringer - Hospitality Room
“Brad” Bradford
John Slack, Herb Garris
Helen Chappell, John Slack, Paul Marable, Verris Hubbell
Lillie Eckman, Clarence Meltesen, Bill Warthen, Robert Cheatham, Bob and Gladys Thompson, Martin Keiser, Ray Klinkenborg, Irv Yarock
Robert and Lillie Eckman, Bob and Gladys Thompson, Clarence Meltesen
Don Graul, Jim MacArevey, Jim Ball
Errol Johnson, Tom Lawson, Joe Ainsworth, Charlie Eberle, Ted Rinehart
Paul Marable, Frank Diggs, George Durgin, Jim MacArevey, Verris Hubbell
Royal and Harriet Lee, “Brad” Bradford
Ted Pawloski, Horace Spaulding, “Brad” Bradford, Al Moss
John Slack, ??, Joe Friedman
“Brad” Bradford, Charlie Eberle
Hervey Robinson, Bob Aschim
Charles Eberle, Jim Sherman, Jeff Sherman, Bob Aschim, Verris Hubbell, Robert Cheatham, Roy Chappell on the floor
Bill and Evelyn Korber
Gladys Thompson, Harriet Lee, Glady Aschim, Bob Thompson
Herb Garris, Jim Ball, John Stansell
Ted Pawlowski, Don Waful, Tom Holt, Roy Chappell
Bob and Gladys Thompson, Gladys Aschim, Harriet Lee
Don Waful, Joe Seringer, George Durgin
Helen and Roy Chappell, Ed Batte, Ray Klinkenborg
Roy Chappell, Frank Diggs
Ed Batte, Robert Cheatham
Tom Holt, Lucy and Don Lussenden
Clarence Meltesen (right)
Royal Lee, Jerome Hatch, “Brad” Bradford
Verris Hubbell, Hervey Robinson
Wives-Left Side
Wives-Right Side

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