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This section contains accounts written by POWs who spent time in Oflag 64. Most experienced at least some part of the Long, Cold March. From the point of the March, some experienced an escape to Russia and others experienced Hammelburg or the Task Force Baum Raid.

“Capture and Camp Life” contains personal accounts by POWs of their capture and their life in the camp.

“The Long, Cold March” contains personal accounts of those who were marched out of Oflag 64 January 21, 1945 in –20 degree weather headed some 350 miles or so west to Hammelburg/Luckenwalde, Germany.

“The Hammelburg Affair” contains personal accounts of those who made the long march and were held at Hammelburg POW Camp till war’s end, and personal accounts of some who participated in the failed raid to liberate Hammelburg.

“Escape to Russia” contains personal accounts of those who escaped the March and who by other means made it to Odessa, Russia where they were able to find passage back to the United States.

“All Those Brave Young Men” contains letters and tributes to Abe Baum who led the daring rescue attempt of the POWs held at Oflag XIIIB, Hammelburg, ordered by General Patton and also known as the Task Force Baum Raid.

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“Let no man believe that there is a stigma attached to having been honorably taken captive in battle. Only the fighting man ever gets close enough to the enemy for that to happen. That he is not listed among the slain is due to the infinite care of providence. Be proud that you carried yourselves as men in battle and adversity. You will be enriched thereby.” ~ Col. Thomas D. Drake

U. S. Prisoner of War Medal